Next Step

The next step depends on what sort of rugby you want to referee:

  • Pathway Rugby – for players aged U6 to U12
  • Foundation Rugby – for players aged U13 and up


In either case, you need to be two years older than the players, so to referee a game of U11 players, you need to be turning 13 this year.  The course for refereeing Pathway Rugby (used to be known as Refereeing Kids Rugby – RKR). Here is <>  the Rugby Australia web page to choose the course you want with detail of when, where and how to enrol.

After you have passed your exam, you will be issued with a MyRugbyID file number. You will need that number to complete your registration. Here is how to enrol <>  with Sydney North Rugby Referees. You can register with other Referee Associations as well as, or instead of, SNRR, depending on where you would like to be assigned matches to referee. As well as SNRR, there are three other Associations in the Sydney area.

Again in either case, you will need to

  1. Attend a classroom presentation that covers
    • the Laws of the Game; and
    • the Safety program known as Smart Rugby
  2. Pass the exam on the course material. This is  on-line, open book and self-paced.
  1. Register with your local Refereeing Association.